Host Dry Cleaning

How it Works

Deep Cleaning

Dry cleaning deep cleans your carpet, reduces dust mites and mold leaving it fresh, clean, dry and ready to use.

Dries in one hour

Dry cleaned carpets typically dry within one hour. Steam cleaning systems sometimes take days to dry.

no wet dog smell

Dry cleaning leaves a nice, fresh, clean scent. If you hate that wet dog smell that steam cleaning can leave behind — you're gonna' love Dry Extraction!

Upholstery Cleaning

We hand clean your upholstery for the most thorough and safe process cleaning you've ever seen.

Sofa: $45+

Fine Rugs

Dry cleaning works wonders on all of your fine rugs. Our customers are always amazed at the difference!

Rugs: $25+

Non-Toxic, Safe

Dry Extraction is safe for all carpet types, is non-toxic and recommended by major carpet mills.

Safe for baby